ChatHeads for all notifications – app for Android + My review :-/


With that out of the way, this is Floating Notifications Alpha 2 requires a CLEAN INSTALL


Theme’s can be found in this thread
How does it work

– Setup your settings in the UI.
– Then go to your System Settings -> Accessibility -> Floating
Notifications – Turn it on
You will see one test notification. You will see this ANYTIME
the service starts/restarts. This is there so A you know the
service has started and B so you can get a feel for how they
work. This will obviously NOT be in the final version.
– Tap to open the stack
– Tap the current notification to close the stack
– Tap the text of a notification to launch that app
– Drag the first notification in the stack to move around the
– Double tap to close a notification
– Double tap a closed stack to close all notifications

App List

– Checkbox to enable disable
– Second icon is expanded notification text
– Third is stack messages (meaning show all or show only the
– Fourth is enable actions (JB+ if your notification normally
has any buttons they’ll appear)
– Fifth is wake the screen on notification
– The double tap threshold refers to the amount of time in
milliseconds between taps. So if you set it to 1000 it will wait
one second for your second tap before it brings up the text.

You can click here to go to download page as i can’t mirror  files.

Or  Click here to go to download page

You can click here for video : Click here

My review :

Basically its very good app. First when i read  the name of this app its sounds me like Facebook message service and it was the same like fb massager.I was very happy while watching the Video of this app. But when i installed it’s bricked my UI 😦 sad.
The touchscreen of my mobile is not working properly after installing and  turning it on from setting . I have Xperia U and Xperia S. i tried this app on Xperia U and touchscreen bricked. After trying over 50 times i could go to settings and  disabled  it :(.
But i saw many  good reviews on Xda. U guys definitely try it :-).