*-*-* Basic Info About SIM Card *-*-*


*Subscriber Identity Module [SIM]*
Hi Frndz.!!!!!!
Here Is Basic Knowledge About The Sim Card.
Many People Doesn’t Know This So I am Sharing
With U guys.

Sim Cards Are Of 4 Types..Named As Below
H1= U Will Get Noraml Network On This Sim
H2= U Will Get Better Network On This Sim
Means Strong
H3= U Will Get More Better Network On This Sim
Means Stronger
H4= Normal, Better, More Better Is Nothing In
Front OF This Sim

Basicaly H4 Sim Gives to Only Few People like
Corporate Sim, Army Peoples Etc
Bt Some Comapny Also Provide This To Normal
People Also. Why Comapany Doesn’t Provide
This Sim To all User Because This Sim eat More
bandwidth So How To Know That Wich Type Of
Ur Sim is??
To know Your Sim Type Just See Back Side Of
The Sim…
Note — Before Read This I believe That H1,
H2…. Not Effect In Get Network Capacity….
but I read This And Search for It At many Place
And I Found Same At All Place….



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