Nokia Lumia 920 Get crush by Truck accidentally


For those who worry about the ability of their Nokia Lumia 920 to survive a fall, perhaps you should stop worrying about it and move on to


other problems. After all, the Nokia
Lumia 920 showed that it can take a
licking and keep on ticking as a 24
ton Caterpillar truck rolled over a unit
smashing the device beyond
recognition. The 4.5 inch screen was
smashed to smithereens.
The good news is that the phone still can make calls and still receives them, too. That’s how the phone was found, by hearing it ringing though it was buried deep in the dirt.


The owner of the phone, Ossi Pyykkönen, was so impressed by the ruggedness of the phone that he plans on buying a new one to replace the smashed


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