Facebook Home announced

Facebook announced a suite of
social apps and a homescreen
replacement for Android today, called
Facebook Home .


Facebook Home isnt just a new UI to
navigate through your list of apps
though, because it replaces your
lockscreen with a “cover feed”, and
instead of apps, it prioritises updates
from people in your friends list.
There’s a standard paginated
launcher also available that is a
swipe away, but the focus is now on
fullscreen images that act as your
welcome screen and lists of status
updates from your friends that you
can flip through, comment on, or
double tap to like.


Home isn’t a phone or operating
system, and it’s also more than just
an app. Home is a completely new
experience that lets you see the
world through people, not apps.
It’s as easy to get to your apps in
Home as it is on any other phone.
Swipe up to see your favorite apps in
the launcher. There’s also a screen
containing all of your apps, and you
can drag your favorite apps to the
Status updates are a mixture of photo
updates, while your usual text status
updates are placed over the person’s
cover photo to keep the look
consistent with the rest of the photo-
centric posts.
Notifications are presented as tiny
little cards, and Facebook uses their
own algorithm to determine which
updates are important to you, and
which arnt, and just like the standard
Android UI, you can just swipe
notifications away to dismiss them,
or long press a notification to draw
the rest towards it and dismiss the
entire list.
Cover feed replaces the lock screen
and home screen. It’s a window into
what’s happening with your friends –
friends finishing a bike race, your
family sharing a meal or an article
about your favorite sports team.
These are the beautiful, immersive
experiences that you get through
You might have missed these
updates before, but now they’re a
central part of the Home experience.
Since Home is both your lock screen
and home screen, the content comes
right to you. You can flip through to
see more stories, and double tap to
like what you see.
Cover feed is for those in-between
moments like waiting in line at the
grocery store or between classes ­
when you want to see what’s going
on in your world.
Cover feed is great for seeing
everything going on in the world. But
when something happens that’s
more important and directed at you,
like a friend posting on your timeline,
you’ll receive notifications with their
profile pictures.
To open notifications, just tap them.
And if you don’t want to deal with
them right now, you can just swipe to
hide them and keep flipping through
cover feed until you want them back.


The most interesting feature though,
is Chat Heads. Since Facebook’s
messaging app is tightly integrated
across the platform, you have quick
and easy communication with your
friends without leaving whatever app
you’re using. Chat heads are circular
icons on the right hand side that you
can drag to any part of the screen,
and tap to open a pop-over chat
dialog that combines text messages
and IMs into one universal interface.


With chat heads you can keep
chatting with friends even when
you’re using other apps. When
friends send you messages, a chat
head appears with your friend’s face,
so you see exactly who you’re
chatting with. Messages reach you
no matter what you’re doing –
whether you’re checking email,
browsing the web, or listening to
You can move chat heads around
and respond to messages. And since
SMS is integrated into Facebook
Messenger for Android, chat heads
include Facebook messages as well
as texts.


Facebook Home will be available to
download from the Google Play Store
on April 12th for select phones
including the Samsung Galaxy S III, S
4, the HTC One, One X+ and the
Samsung Galaxy Note II, with support
for more devices and Android tablets
coming soon.



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