Counter-Strike Go download link


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
(abbreviated as CS:GO ) is an online
first-person shooter developed by
Valve Corporation and Hidden Path
Entertainment, who also maintained
Counter-Strike: Source after its
release. It is the fourth game in the
Counter-Strike franchise, excluding
Counter-Strike Neo and Online .
Global Offensive was released on
August 21, 2012, and made available
for Microsoft Windows and OS X on
Steam , Xbox Live Arcade , and a US-
only version on PlayStation Network .
It features classic content, such as
revamped versions of classic maps;
as well as brand new maps,
characters and game modes. Cross-
platform multiplayer was planned
between Windows, OS X and PSN
players, [4] but was ultimately limited
to Windows and Mac OS because of
the differences in update-frequency
between systems. [5] The PSN
version offers three input control
methods, which include using either
the DualShock 3 controller,
PlayStation Move or USB keyboard/

Go to below link to download

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